31st January 2018
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The White T-Shirt Co are proud to be part of Buy Me Once, a website which collects the longest-lasting products on the planet.

This is why we were so happy to see Tara Button, Founder and CEO of Buy Me Once further enforcing her built-to-last values with the launch of her new book, 'A Life Less Throwaway'. We know what is the top of our reading list right now!


Tara herself went through a lifestyle change in 2013 from spendthrift to entrepreneur using a technique she calls 'mindful curation'. In Tara's new book you can find the steps to master this lifestyle change for a more mindful and fulfilled life.

"All today's messaging tries to convince us to spend our way to happiness, but it's left us cluttered, stressed and unfulfilled - not to mention looking around hopefully for a spare planet! Time for a new message."

Featuring subjects such as how to dodge overspending, de-cluttering your home, finding the best products for you, building a wardrobe to your taste and how to find happiness, success and self-worth beyond buying.

At last consumers now have a guide…start your journey today!

Find out more about A Life Less Throwaway and purchase your copy.

Find out more about Tara and what she is up to next.


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