A new partnership

A new partnership

8th August 2014 by Penny Jones
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The White T-Shirt Co's first London partnership.

Jaadu in West Dulwhich has selected the understated simplicity of The White T-Shirt Co to compliment the beauty and intricacy of their own new autumn range.

Jaadu is owned by Janine du Plessis. Janine has a long career in fashion having worked for British and International designers, including Armani and Valentino. Janine’s first job was running the press office at Brown's, South Molton Street.

Jaadu has a unique, carefully curated style. Feminine and understated silhouettes which echo traditional Indian and Mughal shapes; re-worked for Janine’s London customers looking for gentle, timeless pieces. Each one unique and hand worked in fine fabrics that will be kept, treasured and worn again and again.

Janine also knows exactly who makes her clothes.

Janine travels to India twice a year, taking the patterns and shapes for the following season. Janine works closely with one small family business who produce the wonderful Chikan hand embroidery idiosynchratic of their region. Everything has to be carefully worked out as timing is very important. During the monsoon season the embroiderers are unable to stitch as the humidity makes it difficult to sew such detailed work and likewise, in the winter, it is too cold to be able to hold the needle properly as the embroiderers work from their own homes. The whole manufacture is run by Nitin, his sister Nita and their Mother Chhaya Srivastava. Janine designs and produces collections of key pieces that are hand-made in small quantities, not mass produced, thus maintaining the viability of working with a small family businesses. Because Janine works so closely with Nitin and his family she is able to check working conditions and ensure they are paid a good price for their work. Janine also buys from likeminded friends who design and manufacture in India using women empowered and fair trade organisations.

Janine reflects our own philosophy of simple, beautifully made core shapes but introduces seasonal newness through things that she’s found along the way.

Jaadu can be found at 92 Park Hall Road, West Dulwich, London, SE21 8BW
Open Monday to Saturday 10am - 6pm, Sunday 11am - 4pm. Tel: 0208 761 9041


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