A Photographic Challenge!

A Photographic Challenge!

12th May 2016 by Clare Conlin
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One of the hardest challenges we have selling on-line is conveying the beauty of our organic cottons.

It’s our organic cottons that make our t-shirts so special. Their softness and durability give a wearable difference day after day, but who would believe how difficult this is to convey.

Fashion photography is about styling. It’s about models capturing the right brand image. Photographing fabric is different. It’s much more of a technical challenge and it’s also much more about seeing beyond the design. For us it’s about capturing the fluid soft nature of our organic cotton while conveying the quality and durability of such a natural material. It’s about capturing structure and form.

So it occurred to us that this is exactly what an Architectural photographer does. Wikipedia description: Architectural photography is the photographing of buildings and similar structures that are both aesthetically pleasing and accurate representations of their subjects.

We could not love Ryan Edy, our main photographer, more and he too beautifully captures our cottons, but Ryan is often traveling so we approached Steve Mayes to do some updating for us. Steve is a North East based photographer with many awards behind him. Steve played with lighting and shape, just as he would with a building and we love the results. We have added his new organic cotton images throughout the site, but this is why Steves architectural photography inspired us.

Steve Mays business school photography 

The Art of Architecture


men's organic cotton t-shirt photography steve mayes


mens white t-shirt

Men's Relaxed Round Neck T-shirt

steve mayes aquatic centre

Aquatic Centre Sunderland

mens navy pure cotton t-shirt

Mens Relaxed Round Neck T-shirt

Steve is also one of the few Lego 'Architects' in the UK. Check out some of his amazing commissions....

steve mayers brick this

Baltic Art Centre Gateshead

Visit BrickThis to see Steves latest commissions - you'll be amazed we promise! 


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