A Jeans Story

A Jeans Story

25th May 2015
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When it comes to styling one of our organic cotton t-shirts, the first garment that springs to mind is a pair of jeans. Practical, timeless and a wardrobe staple for any male or female. Investing in a good pair of jeans is a quest many find intimidating so we have started the hunt for you. We’ve curated a collection of the best sustainable denim, perfect for the unpredictable British summer and beyond.


Jeans: Toast Organic or take a look at Huit. Shoes: Beyond Skin. T-Shirt: The White T-Shirt Co


Jeans: Howies or take a look at Nudie Jeans. T-Shirt: The White T-Shirt Co

A typical pair of jeans hold environmental costs we take for granted. The National Geographic estimate it requires approx 2,600 gallons of water to manufacture one pair of jeans and considering the amount of pairs sold yearly in the UK, the water usage statistics are shocking. Here at the White T-shirt Co we pride ourselves on our organic basics, without compromise on quality or style. So with sustainability at heart why not team your organic t-shirt with a pair of green jeans and do your bit for the environment whilst looking stylish as you do so!

the-white-t-shirt-co-levis-no wash campaign.jpg

Jeans: Levi's. Levi's: Water<Less.  T-Shirt: The White T-Shirt Co

Levis, a brand referred to as the ultimate in slow fashion created the Levis ‘no wash’ campaign urging their consumers to cut down on washing their jeans after the realisation that whilst half of the water usage happens in production the other half is wasted at home. Doing this not only helps create a more sustainable world but it also helps avoid that dreaded denim fade for longer. A winner in our eyes! 

Or why not go one step further and reuse or recycle a pair of jeans. Thanks to the revival of the nineties trend, retro denim is on the rise. So dig out those old jeans and wear them with pride or see what you can pick up in the vintage stores in your area. Classic Levis is the number one brand of hand me downs and continue to be highly respected in the vintage world.


 Jeans: Rokit Vintage. T-Shirt: The White T-Shirt Co

Another firm favourite of ours is dutch denim brand, Mud jeans. Dreaming of a world in which there is no such thing as waste led to the exciting idea of exchanging a pair of old jeans for another and if they are beyond repair they’ll recycle the denim into a new product, ultimately creating a circle of sustainability. For this brand, waste is the source of growth!


Jeans: Mud [Vintage]. T-Shirts: The White T-Shirt Co

So there we have it, our top denim picks. Now it’s your turn, we’d love to know your jean stories and go to denim brands. Please do get in touch below or through our Twitter or Facebook page.


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