We don't believe in throw away fashion.

We don't believe in throw away fashion.

17th December 2013 by Aaron
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After many years of trading and eighteen months new product development The White T-Shirt Co has re-launched from a position of strength with support from their Danish partner Novotex – among the World’s first organic cotton manufacturers and creator of high quality Green Cotton.

Penny said: “I’m truly excited about what we can achieve together. We have a shared ethos - we don’t believe in throw away fashion and our customers appreciate we practice what we preach - as proof all our t-shirts carry a small hologram sticker so you know they are genuine Green Cotton.

Green Cotton Accreditation

“Good design is all about being fit for purpose. For us that means beautifully made, simple every day wear which allows you to bring your own personality to them.

“We wanted a product that would last the course, retaining a timeless style and enduring sustainability once in the hands of the customer. It was also important to us that the processes behind its manufacture didn’t adversely affect the environment or take advantage of any vulnerable groups as a result of those employed to produce it.”

As a highly successful design orientated marketer with 20 years’ experience of devising creative product lines from concept to multi-million selling lines on the high street, Penny, a former design director at Dewhirst – who launched aromatherapy to M&S, knows what she’s talking about.

Later Penny worked at Harrods and then freelanced devising and producing successful lines for Harrods, Liberty, John Lewis and Fortnum and Mason.  Then, with her partner Tony, the concept for the White T-Shirt Co. took shape.

"I was on maternity leave and wanted to stop working away so much. Tony was ironing a t-shirt and moaning about how he couldn’t get hold of a really good quality one. ’There's your next challenge' he said.”

The rest they say is history.


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