Bespoke Clothing: finding your perfect fit

Bespoke Clothing: finding your perfect fit

28th August 2015
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Bespoke, custom-made fashion, is the ultimate personal style upgrade. It’s a trend we’ve seen emerging through the luxury end of the market, but it could be argued that it’s more than luxury, it’s an investment in sustainability. Clothes tailored to your specifications, to ensure perfect fit and long lasting comfort.

The thing is you’d only invest in bespoke if you knew the garment quality met your tailoring investment. A bespoke garment is one you’re going to keep and keep. Bespoke is the antithesis of fast fashion.

It is no surprise then, that there has been a huge rise in the popularity of bespoke design. Clothes made by us [think BBC's Sewing Bee] or made for us. The word ‘bespoke' is derived from the verb ‘bespeak’ meaning to speak for something. And we increasingly want to speak for ourselves.


We have just visited the the Ives Saint Laurent Eternal Style exhibition; it reminded us that we are a nation of Tailors with an incredibly respected and celebrated history of bespoke tailoring dating back to the 17th century and the pioneers of Savile Row. The iconic avenue in Mayfair London is home to some of the oldest family tailors in the world. Tailors swimming with Royal Warrants and Appointments due to their quality craftsmanship and elegant, traditional merchandise.


After the fall of the French aristocracy during the 18th century, France lost its fashionable influence in Europe. This left classical British tailoring to rise in popularity and admiration throughout the world. This national fashion identity has been maintained throughout the years thanks to our Savile Row tailors and their skills passed down through families. The elegance of British style is still admired and striven for by many all over the globe.

Bespoke clothing has always been a distinguished signature of the upper classes during the past three centuries. Luckily for the rest of us the demand for individual pieces has grown within the mainstream market too. Over the past few years the number of companies now offering personalized services has grown and they are not limited to fashion; you can have your new iPod or iPad from Apple engraved with any message and you can order a Coca Cola bottle with your name on it. You can even have your Cambridge Satchel Company handbag embossed with a marriage proposal.

White t-shirts can be bought at any high street store, but not all of them are produced in ways that are socially and environmentally sustainable, nor do they feel as beautiful as ours. Our organic white t-shirts are made with great care and consideration, each one is special. So why should you compromise on your favorite essential pieces if they are not quite the right fit for you?

The answer is you don't. We now offer our Tailor Your Tee service as part of our check out process. You can specify the measurements of both the body and sleeve length of your organic cotton t-shirt, making it truly ‘Your Perfect White T-shirt’.


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