Brand Values 2019

Brand Values 2019

7th January 2019 by Aaron
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Last week we reviewed 2018 and set our goals and plans for 2019. 

2018 was a fantastic year for us, but in being busy we sometimes lost focus of the goals we had set ourselves at the beginning of 2018. We’d not gone off track, but we'd not driven and chased our brand goals as much as we could have done.

So new year, new focus.

As we talked we realised that our personal goals often spill over into our business goals OR is it the other way round? Either way, we’re naturally quite a sustainable bunch and our values and goals are genuinely important to how we lead our personal and business lives.

So here are The White T-shirt Co brand values and our re-focused fashion habits for 2019. There is, without doubt, an overarching trend for us all to be more conscious and thoughtful about how we participate in fashion, so you may find these goals helpful in ensuring you’re investing wisely in your own wardrobe too.



A garment can be well made, but is the fabric of equal quality? Garment durability is 80% down to the fabric itself.

All our quality t-shirts are made from premium long-staple organic cotton, so the long yarns twist together to keep the surface and knit of the cotton stable. Which means no shrinkage, no change in shape and no twisted seams. 

Goal Focus: We’re very excited to be launching some organic Linen pieces soon. Linen is notoriously difficult, so our goal is to achieve the same ease of care and long life as our cotton. Aftercare can play a big part in prolonging the life of a garment. Sustainability is not just about how a garment is made, we want our t-shirts to be part of your wardrobe for a long time. We are, therefore, going to be sharing more about the research we are doing into aftercare and also ways in which we can offer recycling support.

Shopping Tip: Before you invest in a garment check the weight, feel and construction of the fabric. If you’re buying online pay attention to the information given, especially washing instructions. You want clothes that will last but will withstand normal washing…any special treatments are not good for your patience or the environment.



A garment can be made of the most beautiful fabric, but what if the hem unravels or the neckline distorts.

The will always be the occasional production flaw, but all our organic cotton t-shirts come with a guarantee of good manufacture. If you find a flaw we’re always happy to replace or mend, but we have tried hard to prevent you ever being in this position. All our seams and hems have extra depth for generous overlocking, we double stitch necklines and hems and all seams on sleeves and hems are double bar tacked to make them extra secure.

Goal Focus: We were aware of a strange problem this year. All our cotton is handpicked and occasionally some of the bags used to collect the cotton Bolls get into the carding machines. The result appears to be small dark threads caught in the cotton…a sign of authenticity but not great on the front of your t-shirt. Our goal this year is additional vigilance for quality control.

Shopping Tip: When buying clothes be sure to check the construction, seams and hem for similar finishes. Many Jeans companies are now offering mending, replacement or renting alternatives. We’re sure more and more companies will be doing this too. In the meantime though look out for companies who at least guarantee their workmanship - a great place to start is Buy Me Once.



All our organic cotton t-shirts are GOTS [Global Organic Textile Standard] certified. This ensures independent verification that we have met strict quality, environment and social standards. Safe working conditions, no child labour, working hours and wage protection are a few of the key criteria, from the International Labour Organisation, that are monitored throughout our supply chain.

As a business and in our home lives we are very conscious of our environmental and social responsibilities.

Goal Focus: One of our main focuses this year is zero plastic. We are well on the way but the one area we have not yet cracked is the transportation of our t-shirts. For cleanliness and logistical requirements, we still use some plastic. Any plastic we do use is re-cycling into Ecoblocks, but our aim is zero plastic by the end of 2019. We’ll keep you posted on our progress and any tips we pick up along the way.

We’re also committing to sharing more of our own finds and tips for moving towards a plastic free existence. Look out for monthly updates.

Shopping Tip: More and more retailers are moving towards paper or eco friendly alternatives to plastic. There is still an enormous way to go though, so always make sure you have your own bag, drinks cup or container. Say NO to single use plastic. And before you make that final choice to buy question whether you need or just want something. Start building a capsule wardrobe, commit to wear everything in your wardrobe and making sure that everything works together. If you’re building a more mindful wardrobe you’re also building a more mindful lifestyle…too much choice can be stressful! Look for brands with clear brand values that align with your own. 

Let's work together to move towards a more responsible lifestyle. No single-use plastic, only use multi-use drinking bottles, no harmful chemicals in our products - little things which can make big changes. We’re committing to share our tips and we’d love to hear yours too. Let’s do it together!



Since launch we have worked hard to offer the best fit, neckline and style for different body shapes. After all we want you to be wearing a White T-shirt Co t-shirt, as your favourite t-shirt. We are continuously reviewing our offering and last year introduced our Tailor Your Tee service so that you can have the perfect body or sleeve length.

Any favourite piece of clothing should feel like an old friend and be relied on to make you feel great. Fit is all about the right cut, but it’s also about a garment keeping its shape wash after wash, wear after wear.

Goal Focus: We’re very aware that one garment can’t suit everyone, however, well it’s cut. Our Tailor Your Tee service goes some way to helping address this, however, this is a service customers have to pay for. So we’re excited to be introducing dual lengths soon, so tall or small you’ll soon be able to buy the right length for you.

Shopping Tip: We are all guilty of buying on impulse or kidding ourselves that something fits because we like the colour or style. WELL DON’T! Work out what styles suit you and stick to them. Many stores offer free personal shopping support or even an hour with a style consultant is a good long term investment, but most importantly stay focused and your wardrobe will be your friend not an area of dread and confusion!



Wearing pieces and outfit combinations that never go out of style ensures you'll never look like you're trying too hard. Fashion is fickle, but effortlessness chic is all about key timeless styles that never ‘go out’ of fashion. Sustainability is not just about garments that last, but easy to wear styles that last. This is why, at the White T-shirt Co, we have focused on simple, beautifully made classic styles. We're aware that sometimes investing in quality feels expensive, but when you break down cost per wear infact investing in a few good pieces that last is much more cost effective than replenishing your wardrobe every few months.

Goal Focus: We will continue to focus on key styles, pieces which blend and work with your wardrobe. We have found that classic White, Black, Navy and Grey work best for us so we'll keep our colour range tight, but widen our product offering. Last year sleepwear proved to be a natural progression for us and we are working towards another key product area for keep in touch to find out what!

Shopping Tip: Know what colours suit you and work your wardrobe around them. Many of our local customers use HelenLee for both style and colour advice, but there are lots of advice online or you'll easily find a consultant in your area. Stay with shapes that you know suit your body shape and pieces that work together...a well thought through wardrobe means a much more relaxed start to the day!

At The White T-shirt Co all our t-shirts are designed and made with sustainability in mind, we don’t believe in throwaway fashion. Which is why The White T-shirt Co brand values can’t be separated, they work together to make one great garment.

One of our resolutions for 2019 is to be more proactive in sharing our journey, sharing the tips, hurdles and advice that we receive along the way. We'd love to hear yours too so that we can all work together to be more responsible followers and non-followers of fashion!


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