Why build a sustainable wardobe?

Why build a sustainable wardobe?

9th May 2014 by Penny Jones
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With summer just around the corner, we’ve started to think about how we’ll be updating our wardrobes after all the drab, wintery weather. And we bet you are too but are you planning on investing in your wardrobe or just filling it full of impulse buys that will be disposed of at the end of the season?

Since sustainability is at the core of what we do, we believe in investing in key pieces for the new season. While it may seem as though you’re paying more upfront, by buying well made items that last longer, you actually get more for your money in terms of cost per wear. Yes, we know our t-shirts are a little more than ones you may find on the high street.. but we’re big believers that a lot of the time you get what you pay for.

At the recent Copenhagen Fashion Summit, Vanessa Friedman struggled with the phrase sustainable fashion. Largely she felt that was because she thought it was something of an oxymoron – since fashion comes and goes. Instead she settled on the phrase ‘sustainable wardrobe’ and we couldn’t agree more. It takes the focus away from fashion, and makes it more about style.

We have to admit that in general, we tend to stick to the classic wardrobe staples that we know won’t go out of style. Rather than jumping on the latest trends, we believe in finding styles that work. Plus, that way you don’t find yourself making so many embarrassing fashion faux pas!

Instead of following the flock and filling our wardrobes with the latest trends, we like to put a little more consideration into our purchases. Plus of course, we like to know the journey behind the clothes which we fill our wardrobes with! In our opinion, sustainability is always at the heart of a good wardrobe. Both in terms of buying clothes that are made to last, and buying pieces that are ethically made.

There are so many ways that building a more considered wardrobe around staple items has advantages:

• You’ve taken time to think through what you actually need and that has to be more economic than having those guilty impulse purchases that never get worn.
• By taking time you find what suits you, you rediscover the passion for mixing and matching your own style. And how good does it feel when you’re confident in what you’re wearing?
• By considering each piece you can be so much more coordinated. You’ve actually planned ahead, you’ve got some great basics and you know what to wear around them. That age old, ‘I’ve got nothing to wear with it’ dilemma will be a thing of the past.
• With a little bit of thought, you have a great capsule wardrobe. Some pieces will move from season to season, and others you may store away. However, you’ll know you’ve invested in quality. And we all know that quality lasts.

Livia Firth creative director of Eco-Age has just published a great piece about investment buying and if you're looking for some day to day investment pieces Style with Heart and Ms Wanda's are both fabulous sources of inspiration.

Buying less and wearing more isn't just about economic investment, it’s also about making life easier. It’s not about fashion. It’s about building your own personal style, wearing clothes you love, and saying goodbye to those bad wardrobe days!


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