Buy Me Once: Love things that last!

Buy Me Once: Love things that last!

13th April 2016 by Penny Jones
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Buy Me Once: creating less waste...

Buy Me Once is a curated selection of products - from clothing to tools and household goods which quite simply have been made to last.

The company was founded by Tara Button. With a background in advertising Tara was exposed more than most to our culture of planned obsolescent. So Tara ditched the day job, stood by her convictions and started to help promote products she actually believed in.

Buy Me Once has taken the press by storm because it's neatly taken the hard work out of finding quality products which are guaranteed not to be obsolescent any time soon.

Buy Me Once is not just a shopping site; it includes articles, tips and design challenges to help prolong the life of your products. Many of the products may not be the cheapest, but they are investment products, which over their life time provide unquestionable cost per use value.

 SHOPPING                                        SUSTAINABLE LIVING                        DESIGN CHALLENGES

We're obviously delighted to have been include within Clothing, but equally we were also delighted to have found some new brands for ourselves!

Buy Me Once Clothing

DR. MARTENS                                    IRON HEART JEANS                           DARN TOUGH SOCKS

And it doesn't stop at clothing. A growing number of qualifying furtniture, toys, household goods and beauty products are included. 

Buy Me Once Household Goods

ECO PADDLE BRUSH                              FEATHER RAZOR                           HARRIS PAINT BRUSH

So make a cup of tea and take some time out to let Buy Me Once walk you through stuff guaranteed to last. The team are always looking for new products so if you have a product you love, which is'nt featured drop a recommendation to


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