Buy Me Once

22nd September 2020 by Tony
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We are so proud to have our organic cotton t-shirts championed and featured by Buy Me Once.

Buy Me Once are on a mission to change the way that people shop. They want to help the whole world shift from short-term buying to buying for the long term. ⁠

But Buy Me Once believe that you can't change the world with a lecture, but through bringing people joy - at a time when we all need it. ⁠So Buy Me Once have made this little film to tell the stories of things in our lives that have lasted. Things that carry memories of where we've been, dishes we've shared, clothes we love or items we use that bring us joy and happy experiences through the passage of our lives. 

The Buy Me Once team have put so much into this project - even down to being 3D scanned into little people who interact with products in the film. So enjoy the animation and then pop over to Buy Me Once to join their campaign and see why the team champion products that last.


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