Buy Me Once Talk White T-Shirts!

26th June 2017 by Penny Jones
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Buy Me Once champions products that are made to last.

To be selected all brands have to offer a guarantee of durability and meet a strict five point criteria:

  • Do the materials and craftsmanship make this product more durable than its competitors?
  • Do the reviews of the product confirm its durability?
  • Is it made ethically and if possible is it made of sustainable materials?
  • Is this product timeless?
  • Does the manufacturer offer any aftercare? We love “no quibble” or full lifetime warranties!

More than this though products are independently assessed by experts within the products field. See how our t-shirts stood up to scrutiny!

So if you're curious about checking out a product you're thinking of investing in, whether it's a t-shirt or a pan, we hope this helps demonstrate how Buy Me Once assess the items they endorse.

You can also see other product videos like this on their You Tube channel.


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