Buyerarchy of Needs by Sarah Lazarovic

Buyerarchy of Needs by Sarah Lazarovic

10th July 2015
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Whilst browsing Pinterest the other day we were stopped in our tracks at an illustration by Sarah Lazarovic. ‘The Buyerarchy of Needs’ is the Canadian illustrators reimagined version of the ‘Hierarchy of needs’, a theory in psychology proposed by Abraham Maslow. Sarah created the diagram as a way for her to prioritise the manner in which she goes about finding what she needs, as well as reducing the temptation of buying something ‘just because’.




Sarah has since gone on to study behavioural economics and sustainability and has also released a very intriguing book, ‘A bunch of pretty things I did not buy.’ It is a witty, gracious and charmingly illustrated anti-consumer manifesto, offering a unique take on the growing ‘slow shopping’ movement. Sarah decided, rather than giving in to her impulse to spend and acquire, she would spend a year painting these objects instead - all which are featured in the book.

At The White T-Shirt Co we firmly believe less is more. This is why all our t-shirts are made to last and why we find conscious buying a top level need and a fascinating outlook to live by. Is Sarah's Buyerarchy theory something you could see yourself living by too?

Check out Sarah Lazarovic here


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