Capsule Wardrobe Challenge

Capsule Wardrobe Challenge

6th January 2020 by Aaron
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The Buy Me Once Capsule Wardrobe Challenge: Living With Just 3 T-Shirts

Buy Me Once is the brainchild of Tara Button, a former self-confessed spendthrift and ad executive. Sick and tired of promoting crap, she was convinced there must be a better way. When she received a Le Creuset cooking pot from her sister for her 30th birthday in 2013, a light bulb went off. The brand – known for its commitment to crafting heirloom cookware – planted the seed that launched a movement. Buying for life became her new mantra, and she dedicated the next three years to building Buy Me Once.

Most consumer goods are built to break which is a waste of resources, money and time. It’s called planned obsolescence. And Buy Me Once is fighting it by finding, and most importantly testing, products that last.

"We are more than a shop. We are a movement" says Tara.

So we were filled with nervous excitement when Buy Me Once gave their Researcher Jasmine Vorley three of our organic cotton t-shirts to test. Jasmine was challenged with testing our quality and versatility by only wearing these three tops for a month!

Pop over to the full article Living With Just Three T-shirts on Buy Me Once to see how Jasmine got on!


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