Chanel Turns To The Green Side

Chanel Turns To The Green Side

7th February 2016
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Karl Lagerfeld challenges the norm and goes Eco-couture.

Serene, Spectacular, Sustainable; three words that could be used to describe Karl Lagerfeld’s latest creations for Chanel.

Captivated from invitation to finale, guests of Chanel Haute Couture were enthralled by the Paris 2016 show after Karl Lagerfeld transformed the Grand Palais into an energy efficient garden.

The sustainable theme was implemented from the outset as guests were invited by receiving a slab of eco friendly plywood, giving a taste of the experience they were to encounter; highly differentiating from Chanel’s usual luxurious stationary.

The wooden house like structure, made from recycled materials was placed in the middle of a pristine lawn, slatted wood walkways and a Lily pond.

Of course, Chanel’s statement tweed suit took centre stage updated with lace and embroidery, cape sleeves and differing lengths and hemlines. Taking recycling to a new level, shaven wood was weaved into skirts surprisingly creating a lightweight look. Even footwear was considered as sky scraping heels were compromised for cork wedges.


The celebration of nature revealed a spectrum of nude tones… and LOTS of beige as Lagerfeld revealed, “Gabrielle Chanel was the queen of beige.” The collection was accessorised with dragonfly and bee shaped brooches made from materials such as wood and raffia, and a smart phone pouch, because even eco warrior princesses need to have technology at their fingertips.

The models were polished and pristine, trimmed with feline eye flicks and Japanese style up-dos. Famous faces, Gigi Hagid and Kendall Jenner took centre stage and all models congregated in the wooden structure for the finale, giving it a dolls house feel.


All pieces showcased were designed to last a lifetime and challenge the theory of fast fashion, which has taken the industry over by storm. The importance of this first Eco-couture collection was confirmed as eco-friendly campaigner Livia Firth sat next to Vogues Anna Wintour. Lagerfeld later revealed that the set would be recycled immediately after the show.

So, now that the house of Chanel has celebrated nature and at least acknowledged an ethical approach to fashion, we're interested to see the impact on the fashion industry…


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