Christmas Guides

Christmas Guides

1st December 2021 by Clare Conlin
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It's officially the festive season, and we're getting ready for an eco-friendly Christmas!

Whether you're having a big or small gathering this year, there are many ways to make it sustainable. I suspect that we are the same as most families; it's the getting together, rather than the giving, which is so special. But in making everything look beautiful it's easy to forget that all those Christmas trimmings will be heading straight for the bin in January. So from decorations to food and gifts, we hope this selection of our favourite guides will help encourage a more earth-friendly Christmas this year.

Living Frankly

Living Frankly take no prisoners when it comes to greenwashing, and we're all aware of how un-eco friendly decorating our homes for Christmas can be. So whether it's more sustainable choices about trees, cards, wrapping, or food [and of course gifts], we have found their new Christmas guides invaluable resources for finding better options for all those trimmings.

Living Frankly Sustainable Christmas gift guide

These beautiful Kate Spronston crackers are re-usable and re-fillable year after year and feature in the Living Frankly Christmas Cracker Guide

Jewelled Buddha

We found Jewelled Buddha a couple of Christmas ago when we shared a stand at The Spirit Of Christmas fair with their founder Harjit. While travelling, Harjit come across many artisan communities. Women handcrafting stunning textiles using ancient techniques passed down through generations. From Nepal to Thailand and Indonesia to Tibet, Harjit selected some of these traditional textiles and clothing to launch Jewelled Buddha, which means financial security for these women. Jewelled Buddha helps enable the ancient traditions of these communities continue.

Jewelled Buddha upcycled saris

Photo credit Jewelled Buddha. Jewelled Buddha focuses on sustainability and upcycling, and our favourite pieces are these beautiful  Jewelled Buddha focuses on sustainability and upcycling, and our favourite pieces are these beautiful sari necklaces - perfect for dressing up a black tee in the evening! Unfortunately, Harjit did not include these in her Gift Guide, so we are!

Our Slow Home

Our Slow Home is a blog. Megan started her blog after watching The True Cost documentary. On hearing the harrowing realities of many of those working in the clothing industry, Megan wanted to take responsibility and start choosing to vote with her money. Megan's blog chronicles and shares her journey, product finds and challenges in creating a less toxic home and lifestyle.


Photo credit My Slow Home 9 places to find sustainable Christmas decorations

Moral Fibres

We have known Wendy, the Founder of Moral Fibres, for many years. In fact, Wendy was one of the first people to champion us when we launched.

In 2020 Wendy was named one of Forbes 100 Leading UK Environmentalists, and Vulio ranked Moral Fibres as the UK's top green blog.

Moral Fibres is a great place to start if you are looking for some jumping-off points to a more sustainable lifestyle. It's our first port of call when we need some guidance and tips in anything from finance to Christmas! And Wendys Clean Fresh Home is a recurring gift to friends and family. Clean Fresh Home is an encyclopedia of tips, recipes and advice on keeping your home clean using Wendy's eco-friendly recipes.

Clean Fresh Home Wendy Graham

Photo credit Moral Fibres and ordering details.

So from all of us at The White T-shirt Co we wish you a very Happy Christmas. We would like to thank all our very lovely customers for their support this year. It's been busy, fun and emotional in equal measures. And more than ever it's made us appreciate our community, friends and family.

All the very best and we hope the year ahead is kind, fulfilling and full of promise!


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