Cotton: A Transeasonal Staple

Cotton: A Transeasonal Staple

21st August 2018
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Mid August has brought a shift in the weather and a confusion to our summer wardrobes.

“The Great British summer” is a phrase often used to sarcastically describe the usually poor weather we brits experience from May through to September. This year though we seemed to have been blessed by the weather gods and our british wardrobes felt ill-equipped for such a long spell of heat. We almost welcomed the return of a more typical cooler summer. But just when we thought the heat was over an Indian summer is forecast for the wonder we never know what to wear!

But all is not lost on the wardrobe front. It might just be that something as simple as the lowly cotton t-shirt is just what we need to tackle these changeable days and transeasonal challenges.


A White T-shirt Co t-shirt may be desribed as a staple ‘basic’ but its properties are so much more than that. Organic cotton is a wonderful thing, made from natural fibres, it is truly an all seasons textile.

The last thing anyone wants to be doing in a heat wave is cocoon themselves in clingy manmade fibres, which is why cotton should be your material of choice. Focusing on fit and comfort The White T-shirt Co's relaxed and loose fit pieces are all made in beautifully soft, breathable pure organic cotton. All these styles are made from one hundred percent Global Organic Textiles Standard (GOTS) cotton. Only textile products that contain seventy percent organic fibres or more can become GOTS certified. With all materials used in the process meeting strict environmental and toxicological standards; allowing you to fill your wardrobe without the plaguing guilt that comes with a fast fashion haul.


The relaxed feel and loose fit of our pure organic cotton t-shirts, coupled with the absorbency of the fibres, makes for a cool and comfortable wear even on the hottest of days. Pure cotton provides excellent moisture control; in fact, it can absorb around one fifth of its weight before even being considered damp! By absorbing liquid from your body, cotton can vastly reduce moisture build up; aiding in keeping you dry and fresh in these sticky temperatures. And equally the breathable quality of cotton fibres help retain body heat on cooler days, as air is trapped when you layer up. Of course you can also opt to layer up on cooler days, which makes our Mixed Organic Cotton just perfect...still GOTS certified but with just a little Elastane for extra fit.


Speaking of sticky temperatures, thanks to the heat it would seem as though the washing pile is expanding exponentially- and laundry is the last thing we all want to be doing when the weather is so glorious outside. Luckily, cotton is exceptionally breathable and does not have an inherent odour, meaning there is no need to wash it for an extended period of time, allowing you less time slaving over a washing machine and more time in the sun! The White T-shirt Co also focus on durability. We only use long stable fibres cotton fibres which stick together longer compared to synthetic fibres; meaning your White T-shirt Co tee will save you the annoying fuzzy- bobbling that can ruin a smart outfit. It’s safe to say that not having to choose between smelling fruity and ruining your favourite white t-shirt is a blessing!

Perhaps the biggest blessing though of a White T-shirt Co t-shirt is its outstanding versatility. So with a variety of shapes, styles and colours to choose from we hope that you'll find your perfect transeasonal wardrobe essential!


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