Eco Resolutions For 2016!

Eco Resolutions For 2016!

11th January 2016 by Tony
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 Our beautiful illustration is an original print by Cath Hodson.

The New Year is a perfect time to start some sustainable habits!

Welcome to 2016 & our first New Year commitments!

New Year Resolutions by connotation are usually about NOT doing something. Well this year we are turning them on their head…they are going to be about DOING. There’s going to be no deprivation, we want habits we can actually sustain. So our first three commitments address how we use our time. Easy new habits which should be a joy to sustain and by default offer both health and environmental benefits!

1. A Cyber Diet

Yep we're going on a cyber diet! We’re going to be turning off our technology and regaining the hours we lose in cyber space. When we’re out walking, socialising, in the allotment or garden the phone stays indoors. Evenings will be cyber free [for at least 90 minutes] and there will be no technology whatsoever in the bedroom!

So we’re sorry if we don’t get back to you as quickly as usual but we’re exercising our cyber diet! Which is also giving us time for all our other New Year resolutions!

2. Appreciation

Compassion is the new health buzzword. Living a more grateful life can make you so much happier. It’s a cliché but it’s true that the best things in life are not things at all, they are the people we love, the people we want to give or share our time with….and all it costs is cyber hours and kindness!

If we appreciate what we have and what an amazing world we live in, maybe we'll also be more motivated to help keep it that way!

3. Contemplative Care & Repair

We certainly don’t intend to give up many cyber hours for cleaning, but when cleaning is a necessity there is a certain contemplative, mindfulness about it which can be therapeutic - if approached in the right way. In our pursuit of organic alternatives we have come across some beautiful fragrances and products which, I kid you not, are just a pleasure to use.

A moment of quiet contemplation while you clean, stitch or polish is not only theraputic, it shows an appreciation which will be reciprocated in a longer life for your ‘things’!

So we challenge you to join us and switch off all technology. To re-engage with friends, family, home or our beautiful outdoors to really appreciate the things we value most in life!

We'd also love to know what your New Year commitments are......


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