Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

14th December 2015 by Penny Jones
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Thank you so much for making 2015 a great year for us!

We re-launched two years ago to the day. The first year was a blur of never quite catching up with ourselves, of learning from our mistakes and getting ourselves organised. This year has still been chaos, but it's been more organised chaos and it's given us much more opportunity to get to know the people that wear our t-shirts - face to face and virtually. It's been wonderful to hear your comments.

We're constantly amazed by how lovely you all are and how diverse. We really do have an eclectic mix of ages which is fabulous, but what's most warming is the priority you place on wanting to know how and where your clothes are made. We have a strong sense that social responsibility and environmental impact are high on your agendas too...and that's fantastic!

So thank you for all your support, we're really looking forward to moving into next year now. 

From everyone here we wish you the happiest Christmas and all the very best for your year ahead.

Best wishes,

Penny & Tony

Founders of The White T-shirt Co 


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