Mothers Day

Mothers Day

21st March 2019 by Penny Jones
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This Mothers Day is going to be the first without my Mum. She died last spring of a horrible condition called MSA. A degenerative condition with characteristics very similar to Motor Neurone Disease. In Mums last few months she was unable to communicate verbally or do anything for herself, she needed twenty four hour care. MSA is a disorder a which has only recently been recognised as a condition in its own right, so it’s still early days in terms of research.

So for this Mothers Day we are going to donate our Mothers Day profit to the MSA Association. If you know anyone with this condition and would like to help support their research directly you can do so here

We were lucky as Mum was at home. The weather was beautiful, the doors and windows onto her garden were open and the room was filled with flowers and family. So although this year will be a bit raw, it will still be a day of happy and special memories. In the last few weeks, all that was left was the twinkle in Mums eyes when you walked in. That lovely feeling will be with me forever.

So whether it’s a day you can share or a day of memories, let's celebrate our Mums!

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