Sustainable Maternity Wear

Sustainable Maternity Wear

6th August 2018
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Nataly Björklund is the founder of LiterallyNataly, a blog which chronicles Nataly's journey to a more sustainable lifestyle.

With the exciting news of a baby on the way Nataly recently started the task of finding appropriate and sustainable maternity wear.

"After a fruitless search I started to realise that maternity clothes are often quite unsustainable in the long-term, as they can only be worn for a few months and then put in the back of your closet for the time when you might decide to have another child. I decided to shift my focus to non-maternity sustainable and ethical brands, and as it turns out they have great options for pregnancy!"

Pregnancy can be a beautiful time, a time when you realise how important it is to respect your body in order to protect and nurture the tiny being growing inside you. Part of the nurturing instinct is to eat more healthily and to sleep and exercise properly, but your skin is also an organ that needs nurturing. Your skin is enormously absorbent, constantly exposed to the daily abuse of chemicals and toxins in our environment. 

What you wear next to your skin is as important as what you apply. Choosing natural materials such as cotton allows air to unleash its carefree nature and circulate in and out of the fibres, keeping you cool and comfortable. But the important benefit of organic cotton is that no harsh chemicals or toxins have been used durring the growing or picking of your cotton. It also guarantees that knitting and manufacture are chemical and toxin free...and that's good to know for your skin and your bump.


All out t-shirts are GOTS [Global Organic Textile Standard] certified, one of the strictest accredications possible. safe in this knowledge Nataly chose our Loose Fit Ballerina as a main go to basic, beautifully soft, roomy and skin friendly even on the hotest of days. And the perfect shape to adapt to a changing body shape!


Nataly also opted for a couple of our fitted styles which contain a small amount of elastane, just enough to stretch as your bump grows and durable enough to spring back to shape once your baby arrives...…that’s what sustainability is all about.


Nataly is wearing our Fitted Vest and Fitted Short Sleeve Round Neck

It's important that maternity wear is comfortable, but durability is equally important when you're living in a fairly limited wardrobe for a few months! And the great thing is that taking the sustainable option does not require any special care, you can wash and dry just as you would normally!


You can read more about Natalys pursuit of sustainable maternity wear and her other fabulous brand recommendations here.

Literally Nataly is a blog with a focus on conscious lifestyle and ethical luxury. A documentation of Natalys journey towards a more sustainable and ethical life and to raise awareness on environmental and social justice issues. We promise you a great read!


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