Organic September 2016

Organic September 2016

20th September 2016 by Clare Conlin
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Why going organic means more of the good & less of the bad.

Organic September is a campaign to raise awareness of the benefits of organic produce. As part of Organic September, the Soil Association are encouraging people to make small changes to their shopping habits in order to make a big difference to sustainable food, animal welfare & the environment.

We also believe that by choosing organic, you are choosing better quality. Any product which carries an organic accreditation is tested and checked throughout its life cycle. Which means products retain more good stuff and use less of the bad stuff to prolong life or boost crop yield. As part of accreditation companies also have to demonstrate a transparent supply chain. This guarantees a close relationship with suppliers - assurance that a company knows exactly where and how their product has been made.

If there is a downside to going organic it's shorter shelf life for food as no artificial preservatives are used. For clothing it's the opposite - you can expect garments to last longer because their makers have to engineer longevity into the garment itself. For example, we know organic cotton can be quite fragile so we use extra-long organic cotton filaments [stands] which are then knitted together using a s and z weave to 'lock' the filaments together - giving a really durable, beautifully smooth finish. 

We have chosen GOTS [Global Organic Textile Standard] certification for our organic cotton t-shirts. So from growing our cotton to delivering your order you can be sure we've taken our responsibilty seriously. 


So look for organic labelling whatever you buy and reduce your exposure to potentially harmful pesticides and chemicals - you'll also be helping to support the farmers who work hard to grow our food and organic cottons for generations to come.


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