Carbon Credits

Carbon Credits

28th January 2021 by Clare Conlin
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We are working to offset our carbon footprint by investing in UK reforestation & ecology projects

When we launched the White T-shirt Co, we were desperate to support UK garment production. But at the time, we struggled to tick this box and meet all the environmental and sustainability goals that we had set ourselves.

We then met Green Cotton, who are the first company in the world to go organic back in the '80s. Green Cotton is based in Denmark but their production is based not far from Turkey's border, where our organic cotton is grown and knitted. Locating our cotton and stitching production near each felt right and so our partnership with Green Cotton began.

Production is further from home than our original intention. However, because of our partnership with Green Cotton, all our t-shirts are GOTS [Global Organic Textile Standard] certified and monitored from seed to delivery for their social and environmental impact. This is enormously important to us. 

Please visit our Ethics page to see the journey of our t-shirts and the quality standards that we work to at each point.

We are now working with a local North East organisation to help offset our transportation's Carbon Footprint. Forest Carbon came into being in 2006. At the time, there were no UK carbon standards to enable voluntary carbon markets to function. As a result, Forest Carbon pioneered the idea of carbon-financed woodland creation in the UK. Forest Carbon now leads the UK development of woodland creation and peatland restoration projects for carbon capture and ecosystem services. Since 2006 Forest Cabon and their partners' projects have planted over 6.5 million trees in 200+ new woodlands, removing nearly 2.5 million tonnes of CO2 from the atmosphere and providing a host of other benefits, including flood mitigation, river improvement and public access. The carbon credits we purchase are based on our calculated mileage and carbon usage. 

You can see here the number of projects Forest Carbon have established in the UK. If you would also like to help offset your own, often unavoidable environmental impact, you can donate here. All donations help to create new woodland or restore degraded peatland in the UK.


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