Park House English Nursery School

Park House English Nursery School

9th October 2016 by Penny Jones
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The White T-shirt Co has gone back to school.....

We have just finished such a lovely project - making organic cotton t-shirts and hoodies for the new Park House English Nursey School.

The nursery is founded on Montessori principles; a nurturing approach to education which encourages children to develop their own individual talents and skills. The school’s commitment is evident by the care they have taken while working with us. The brief was bright and fun for the nursery children, reassuringly skin friendly and durable for the parents. The result is a 100% GOTS [global organic textile standard] certified uniform guaranteed to survive everything a 2-3 year old can throw at it.


Park House English Nursery School believe strongly in connecting children to nature. Natural resources encourage children to observe and use all their senses. An ever-changing environment is an ideal way to explore and develop curiosity. By building a natural, tactile culture children engage much more with their senses - which is why a uniform of natural materials is so important to the school.


All the children's t-shirts and hoodies have been made to last from our own organic cotton. Beautifully soft and child friendly with no toxic dyes or chemicals used throughout the making process. Labels are super soft and seams re-enforced. With durability in mind we only use long staple yarn to prevent twisting or shrinkage and logos are thermo printed to keep the colours bright through constant washing.



Making school uniforms is not an obvious expectation of The White T-shirt Co, but actually it's a good fit due to our quality. All our organic cotton t-shirts are made to last and we have inherited expertise in children's wear thanks to our Danish partner. Way back in the 80's they were one of the first companies in the world to move into organic garment production for children. Since then they have continued to help shape environmental and social responsibility within the clothing industry - so the perfect partner.



We love the finished result and are delighted to have helped Park House English School achieve the natural aspirations that they have for their children's uniforms.

Park House English Nursery School is part of the Park House English School. 


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