Pure Sustainability styled by Roberta Lee

Pure Sustainability styled by Roberta Lee

27th February 2020 by Penny Jones
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The White T-shirt Co is all about quality basics, but it was a stroke of luck that we made it onto the Pure London runway last week!

Stylist Roberta Lee had a couple of our white organic cotton t-shirts on standby, for a shoot she was using them for later that day. Unfortunately one of the conscious brands at Pure London show didn’t provide the pieces for Roberta’s catwalk...so we were delighted to hear that our t-shirts made it onto the runway and helped save the day!

Roberta's message to designers, buyers, and consumers at the show was simple: “Change comes with a lot of mistakes. Building a sustainable wardrobe is a journey, not a final destination." 

the white t-shirt co at pure London

Roberta stripped her looks back to basics and showcased how key pieces can be re-worn and restyled to create a range of looks. And demonstrated that the size of your wardrobe doesn’t matter, it’s what you do with it that counts!


Roberta is a regular speaker on the London ethical fashion circuit, focusing on empowering men and women to make their impact not only through their wardrobes but a more conscious way of living. Roberta also works with individuals on bespoke styling and personal branding by empowering her clients to ‘Wear their Values'. If you'd like to engage Roberta for a 1-1 she can be contacted through Roberta Style Lee.

Photo credits:

Model: Amanda Sarco – IG @amandasarco

Model: Dan Pontarlier – IG @dpontarlier 

Photographer: Edna Lewis – IG @eddnalewis

MUA: Natasha Thornton – IG @n.t.makeup



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