Real people. Real talk. Real tee's

Real people. Real talk. Real tee's

3rd February 2014
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Now you know a little bit more about us we’d like to tell you about one of our other key values – keeping it real. The White T-shirt Co is a company with real customers. Real people, who talk to us, ask questions and tell us what they want in a t-shirt.

We know how diverse our wearers are but one issue that unites you all is a finding a t-shirt with a great fit. When we design and produce our tees we're thinking about you - not a faceless mannequin, or a celebrity/supermodel.

Through every stage of production we pay special care and attention to how our t-shirts fit real bodies. We put a lot of thought into the shapes of our tees; from the initial sketch on a notepad through to the first cuts of material in our factory. We try them on ourselves and on anyone else we can rope in as willing volunteers. We aren’t happy until we’ve seen the t-shirt on as many different bodies as possible. It’s not an exact science but we feel like we’re getting there and we welcome any feedback you may have on the fit of your t-shirt.

We’re not just talking to our female customers either, more and more recently the fashion industry has excluded men too. The standard male mannequin size has shrunk from a 42” chest and a 33” waist to a 35” chest and a 27” waist in the past 40 years. Although the idealised male figure is healthier than the average female model, the ‘norm’ is still far from reality where our bodies are all different sizes, because let’s face it, it’s how we’re made.

We know fashion often has a notoriously narrow view of beauty that often makes us feel excluded. It's true that nothing gets us quite riled up as the topic of exclusion, so at the White T-shirt Co we are always on the lookout for those who are changing and influencing the way we all think about style.

Look at mainstream TK Maxx and Debenhams and we’d like to (re)introduce you to the fantastic ad campaign by Lanvin (2012), and creative director Albert Elbaz who nails it for us when he says “I don’t want people to be intimidated [by fashion]. I’m trying to take this kind of façade of glossiness out and to show that there are other angles to luxury.”

Or for a little more inspiration closer to home look no further than Debenhams 2013 campaign and even more recently Rick Owen and  Oliver Spencer using ‘civilians’ on his A/W14 London Collections: Men runway

The above campaigns show a much fairer representation of our society, people who are male, female, young, old, big, small, transgender and multi-cultural. While it’s not perfect it’s certainly a giant leap towards a more inclusive fashion industry.

What we’re trying to say is that we don’t want to restrict ourselves to a certain demographic or certain ‘type’ of customer. We want our t-shirts to be available to all and will be bearing this in mind as we move forward as a company. We're not sure how the customers who tell us that their daughter or son, mother or father wear the same t-shirt feel but we love it - our tees are inclusive.

We know we've got a long way to go but we will be introducing new sizes and styles all the time. We would really like to you to be part of this so if you have any suggestions we’d love to hear from you.

Thank you for being different and for making us different.


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