Sustainable Style: Roberta Lee

Sustainable Style: Roberta Lee

15th December 2020 by Penny Jones
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Put 2020 behind you and gift yourself a style kick start to 2021!

Roberta Lee is a Sustainable Stylist. If you're a little unsure what this is, let us tell you!

Roberta is determined to keep clothes from landfill. Her enthusiasm knocks you over. By empowering clients to take control of their style confidence, they learn how to consciously curate a wardrobe that aligns with their life. Building style confidence reduces waste and reduces the 'what shall I wear' stress that we're all far too familiar with!

We first met Roberta when she was looking for core basics to work with. Roberta is a massive advocate of choosing timeless, quality pieces that will last and blend with your wardrobe. Roberta believes if you keep the basics simple you can then dress up or dress down with accessories to create your style.

Roberta shows this perfectly when she used one of our t-shirts on BBC news!

In 2017 Roberta also started a little spreadsheet that has grown into her Ethical Brand Directory. This started as a list of brands that met Roberta's values and that she wanted to introduce to her clients. This has been extended into the Ethical Brand Boutique where the style-conscious can 'Shop their Values'.

In all of Roberta's work, she encourages you to ask the question: "can I see myself getting #100wears from this?". If you can, great, this piece is a real contender for your sustainable wardrobe. If not, Roberta suggests swapping, borrowing from a friend or renting the item...don't let it sit unworn in your closet!

So before you slip into old habits, kick start 2021 by enrolling on Roberta's Create Your Own Personal Style online course or you can choose a 1-1 session. Roberta will teach you everything you need to build a sustainable wardrobe and master the style basics. From colour harmony and body shape to wardrobe editing and curation!

Roberta can be found over at Roberta Style Lee. And if you enrol on one of Roberta's Styling Courses now, there is a 25% discount!


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