Summer 2015 Photoshoot

Summer 2015 Photoshoot

24th May 2015 by Penny Jones
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We've worked with award winning photographer Ryan Edy since our re-launch. Ryan's not a traditional fashion photographer, but his photography captures the hidden beauty in the ordinary. Our t-shirts are about real people so that's what we asked Ryan to capture for us.

Some of Ryans new shots are already up on the site, others are to come as we launch new styles. In the mean time here are a few behind the scene facts, figures and a few extra shots we just love!

New styles: 6

Total photos taken: 2441

Final photo selection: 32

Hours shooting: 16

Coffees: 37

So if you do the maths you'll understand the work behind each final shot!









Please visit our facebook page to see more photos from our Summer 15 shoot.

Behind every great photographer is a great team. The team behind Ryan were these brilliant people!

Andy Oman for his more than able assistance. Sarah Walsh for her wonderful Hair & Makeup. Our gorgeous models Joseph Lawson, Lorraine Jukes and Sarah Hargreaves. And much appreciated hospitality at Banana Studios and heavenly coffee and lunch at Peddling Squares.


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