Summer 2016 Photoshoot

Summer 2016 Photoshoot

31st May 2016
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Cait & Chris model some new t-shirts & share their style secrets.

Here at The White T-shirt Co we try to be as inclusive as possible. We realize we have a long way to go, but we are slowly but surely increasing our size offering and a recent new photography shoot gave us the opportunity to engage the growing number of younger wearers who rock our classic white t-shirts.


We've never opted for fashion shots, instead we've relied on award winning photographer Ryan Edy to capture our ethical approach to fashion. So our new models Cait and Chris brought with them a breath of fresh air, their cool and quirky style oozed through from the outset transforming our classic t-shirts into a contemporary mix and match item.

Everyone styles their t-shirts differently which is why, when showcasing our new designs we were curious to hear how the models who represent our brand would style their t-shirts.

So amidst the chaos of our photo shoot gorgeous Cait and Chris shared some of their style secrets…



Q What is your Signature Style?

A My signature style would possibly be my shoes, I’m a bit of a fanatic! I’ve got about 130 plus pairs as I always like to have different ones to wear all of the time. I also wear pieces that stand out whether it be a bold colour in a plain outfit or a garish pattern. I express my mood and style through what I wear, I do like to mix it up a it.

Q How would you style your perfect White T-shirt?

A I would wear my White T-shirt for a natural effortless style which is timeless and can be paired with anything. A white t-shirt is the perfect blank to work an outfit around.

Q Do you have any fashion advice you would like to share with us?

A I would say never be afraid to wear something different. It might not be cool or in fashion or something that other people are wearing but that’s good, don’t always follow trends set your own and celebrate being individual and unique, there’s only one you so make it stand out!



Q What is your Signature Style?

A My signature style is laid back chic. I go for cool and casual rather than girly. I have always been more of a tom boy and I suppose that hasn’t changed as I got older. Wearing an over sized mens's t-shirt is very me!

Q How would you wear your White T-Shirt?

A I would team my White T-Shirt with shorts, double denim it up with a vintage denim jacket for a summer look with my vintage style shades and a pair of Dr Martens.

Q Do you have any fashion advice you would like to share with us?

A I have always been a black sheep, very daring and always wanting to do my own thing. Some may agree, more not but I have never been scared to express myself and I think that’s very important!

So that’s how Cait and Chris wear their classic White T-shirts. We are busy putting together a series of 'Your White T-shirt' posts so if you have any style secrets or would like to share how you wear your white t-shirt, we would love to hear from you!


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