Fashion Revolution

Fashion Revolution

23rd April 2014 by Penny Jones
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Last year, on April 24th, 1133 people were killed when the Rana Plaza Factory complex collapsed in Dhaka, Bangladesh. To mark the one year anniversary of the disaster, the global fashion industry is coming together tomorrow. Their goal? To highlight the problems inherent in the fashion supply chain, by marking the date with a series of global events and initiatives that demand greater transparency within the clothing industry. It's about laying the foundations for responsible manufacturing, so that something like this can never happen again.

For The White T-Shirt Co team, the day has a personal poignancy because our friends and makers in Ukraine are going through major changes in their country. These are people we know and work with. We’ve visited their factories and sat at their machines. We know the people behind our brand, and that’s what makes it personal. Knowledge can sometimes be uncomfortable. 

Tomorrow Fashion Revolution aims to get people out of their comfort zone and raise consumer awareness. It's about making fashion brands more accountable for their production and manufacturing methods. The ultimate aim is to show the world that change is possible by challenging brands to answer what should be simple questions. Like: ‘who made your clothes’.

Since transparency is at the heart of our brand, you can trace the whole journey of your t-shirt from cotton buds in Turkey, to our factories in Ukraine, and warehouses in Denmark and North Shields. But we'll be doing our bit tomorrow to encourage brands to take responsibility for their supply chains.

So how can you get involved? Be curious. Find out more. Ask. We’ve grown to accept a transparent food chain so aren’t you just as interested to know where your clothes came from? How much should a garment cost to provide a fair wage to all involved?

If you want to learn more then you can visit Fashion Revolution or join the conversation on twitter using #InsideOut to challenge a brand to tell you who made your clothes. You can even help to raise awareness by wearing an item of clothing #insideout for the day! 


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