Tailor Your Tee

Tailor Your Tee

8th August 2014 by Penny Jones
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The White T-Shirt Co started with a simple philosophy; we wanted to make the perfect white t-shirt.

But can our tees actually fit everyone perfectly when we're all such a beautiful mix of different shapes and sizes?

You can see the attention that goes into making our tees but for some, they may still be a little too long in length or our sleeve finish a little too low. While we’re flattered to hear some of you love your tees enough to make your own alterations that’s really not want we want.

We want our tees to be right for & and every one of you! Clothes that don’t fit don't look and feel good.

This is why we're introducing a new service. We can’t make a tee for you from scratch yet but we can alter a tee for you. We can pin, trim and tuck so that your tee has just the right body and sleeve length to suit you. Visit our Tailor Your Tee page to see how we can help you find your perfect fitting tee!

Like all the best things there are no shortcuts. It takes quality materials and attention to detail to get something just right.

We want your tee to fit and feel like a second skin so if it doesn't please let us know and we'll get the needle and thread ready!


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