The Scottish Art Of Coorie

The Scottish Art Of Coorie

31st January 2019
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There is an increasing awareness of prioritising our mental and physical health.

Taking time away from work, technology and ‘going out’ is becoming increasingly indulged in. Even the millennials are socialising less, we're starting to seek our own happy space away from it all. FOMO [the fear of missing out] is being replaced by JOMO which wonderfully means the joy of missing out.

This cosiness is not the Swedish Hygge trend which has shaped lifestyle suggestions over the last couple of years. We're still thinking cosy contentment but there is a new term and it's Coorie. Coorie is actually a Scottish term and the literal translation of Coorie is 'cuddle' or 'snuggle', but don't think it's an excuse to escape the cold and curl up by the fire.'s about wrapping up and getting out there, bracing the elements and finding happiness in small things and wild places…and then coming home and having a cosy 'blether' or chit-chat in front of a roaring fire.

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According to Gabrielle Bennett, author of The Art of Coorie, it's 'used to describe a feeling of cool, contemporary Caledonia. One that looks forward while also paying respect to our oldest traditions.'

The aim of Coorie is to 'try and lead a quieter existence where the endless pursuit of work is balanced by small pleasures,' she told The Times. Essentially, balancing the chaos of modern living with a simpler, more stripped back life.


Image courtesy of The Art Of Coorie

According to a new study from LinkedIn, almost 70% of employees don't disconnect from work email or communications even while on vacation and on average we're spending up to four hours a day on social media or entertainment devices. Because of this, many people are starting to embrace JOMO aka the Joy of Missing Out and taking a digital detox

The social media backlash has even been embraced by tech companies, with Google encouraging users of their Android phone to embrace JOMO and enjoy some human interaction away from their mobile devices, with its Digital Wellbeing kit.

Instead of living in perpetual fear of missing out, more and more of us are embracing a new approach to our always-on, tech-dependent lives. We are taking the time to tune out.

We regularly practice the art of Coorie at the end of a beach walk with Rileys Fish Shack, rugs, firepits and amazing food. So embrace JONO, invest in The Art Of Coorie and take some time out.


Whether you're practising JOMO or Coorie, keep cosy and warm and if you need some extra layers we have a warming 20% of our long sleeves layers using the code WARM20.


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