The Classic, Cool Summer Essential

The Classic, Cool Summer Essential

9th June 2015
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Grey is a timeless classic and an incredibly versatile one at that. It is a colour that lends itself to both smart and casual dress, always looking appropriate however you wear it.

At The White T-Shirt Co we believe in classic so we've just launched our own selection of organic cotton grey marl t-shirts. Basics that are high quality, sustainable and an invaluable essential. If you’re tempted but are wondering how to work grey into your wardrobe this summer, here is our advice…

Grey is very much an on trend colour this season. Some of the world’s most celebrated designers have embraced the simple elegance of grey within their collections. Chanel and Stella McCartney have both incorporated grey by using sharp structures to create some beautifully elegant pieces.


Crisp lines make neutral colours look clean and smart. Chanel’s co-ordinating tunic and cape succeed because of the considered detail and silhouette - giving a casual smart feel. For a similar look pair one of our beautiful grey marl tees with a smart blazer and fitted trousers for professional occasions.


As the summer arrives we are all looking for some hard-earned relaxation time. Once again grey is the perfect colour for casual attire; it's is a popular neutral but light enough not to retain the sun’s heat.

The international designers have also kindly demonstrated for us how grey can be worn more casually this season. Bottega Veneta have used grey as a wonderful basic beneath a layer of wool with a rather slouchy and easy feel. Take note because as much as the summer is on its way, this is Britain, we can only be so optimistic in regards to the weather!


The same effect can easily be achieved through more modest means. Embrace slouching fabrics and work with the drapes naturally created through the material to perfect a breezy, carefree look. Oversized tees can be complimented by more figure-hugging bottoms or you can follow Bottega Veneta’s example and choose baggier trousers to make a statement.


Whether you like to follow the trends or not, grey is a enduring staple. It is a universal flatterer; accessible for all ages, genders and body shapes. No matter your personal style or tastes, it can be applied to any wardrobe and is a guaranteed staple piece.

Our grey marl t-shirts are high quality and incredibly versatile. Perfect for an on trend wardrobe essential.


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