The Danish Art Of Hygge

The Danish Art Of Hygge

3rd February 2017 by Penny Jones
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Danish cosiness and Hygge tees!

I discovered Hygge many years ago, well before I could have given it a name tag.

I was visiting our potential Danish Partner for the first time. I walked into an eclectic mix of natural materials, wooden floors, rough-hewed desks and lamps artfully positioned to create soothing pools of light. At nine o’clock in the morning, there were lit candles and the smell of fresh coffee.

Although I couldn’t put a name to it, I recognised the feeling the office gave me. It was a feeling that the Danes have long had a name for….Hygge. 

Hygge is hard to explain and even harder to say [it’s pronounced hoo-ga) which roughly translates as 'cosiness' - the cosy feeling you get from things you love.

But Hygge isn’t about material possessions. It’s the spirit of something. It's about a feeling of belonging and making the ordinary special.


Image courtesy of Country Living

The Danes have the reputation of being the happiest nation in the world. Meik Wiking, the writer of ‘The Little Book Of Hygge’ believes this is because they have learnt the art of Hygge, and the millions of candles that go with it!

Image courtesy of Hygge House - please see link below.

“We talk about it constantly,” Meik said. “I’ll invite you over for dinner and during the week we’ll talk about how hyggelig it’s going to be, and then during the dinner we’ll talk about how hyggelig it is, and then during the week afterwards, you’ll remind me about how hyggelig Saturday was.

So if Hygge is about making something special out of the ordinary, then it could be argued that our organic cotton t-shirts have Hygge – the purest of cotton and the softest of labels feel wonderful against the skin.....they feel good.



Our feedback leads us to believe our customers think we have Hygge tees....which gives us a hyggelig feeling!

"So very comfortable and wish all my clothes felt this good."

"I’m loving wearing my t-shirts, particularly the grey marl, so soft and the quality is amazing - I never want to take it off !!!"

"Have to say that it is so comfortable I hardly knew it’s on." 

"Is it possible to be addicted to a fabric? I just love these t shirts. They feel so lovely on my skin."

"I love the texture of the fabric. I also give you a thumbs-up for the label, which is comfortable against the back of the neck. I usually have unpicked scratchy, irritating labels, but not this time."

"The quality is perfect I feel very comfortable !"


We knew when we walked into that office a few years ago that we'd found a company with Hygge - we were right!

So slow down, take a breath and appreciate the simple things in life, little things that bring you pleasure. Take a moment in your day to stop and make the ordinary special, the aroma of your coffee, the breeze coming through the window, the softness of your tee!

Look to create a little Hygge all around you, whether it's gathering with friends or lighting a candle on your desk you'll feel much more at one with the world! 

We've gathered a few resources to help you:

 We hope the rest of your day is full of hyggelig!


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