Our Packaging Unwrapped

Our Packaging Unwrapped

1st February 2021
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Our organic cotton t-shirts are different, you can tell this as soon as they arrive.

We are aware that when you invest in one of our organic cotton t-shirts, you are investing in quality and sustainability. You are buying a t-shirt that is made to last. So you should expect the same values reflected in our postal packaging. 

We take a lot of care with our t-shirts and we want that care to be felt as soon as your t-shirt arrives. We want to avoid excess packaging, but we want your t-shirt to be a delight to receive. So we have given a lot of care to our packaging too! It is simple but beautiful. It is 98% biodegradable and recyclable, and we have not changed it since we re-launched eight years ago.

All our t-shirts are GOTS certified, so our packaging has to meet the same exacting standards. So from swing ticket to postal box, this is how your t-shirt will arrive on your doorstep!

Swing Tickets:

Every t-shirt has a hand tied swing ticket. We debated whether these were necessary, but they carry our Ethical Promise and our Partners details which is good for you to know.

the white t-shirt co swing tickets

Our Letter Press swing tickets are made for us locally by Noble Fine Art. They are debossed and printed on an original Heidelberg printing press, which we think is rather special!

White t-shirt co swing tickets

Each swing ticket is tied through our size label using paper string from Paperphine.

paperphine swing ticket thread

T-shirt wrapping:

We do not use any plastic in our packaging. Instead, our t-shirts are wrapped in recycled tissue with a paper seal that we emboss ourselves. This seal is the only part of our packaging that can't be recycled at the moment because the backing adhesive is not soluble. It's something that we're working on.

hand embossed seals

Guarantee Card:

Once your t-shirt is wrapped, we pop it in one of our cardboard envelopes with an Ethical Promise card. This is our guarantee that your t-shirt has been made to last and made with total respect to our planet and all the people involved in making your t-shirt. The card also let you know that if you find a problem with your t-shirt we promise to put it right.

The white t-shirt co guarantee

Postal Boxes:

Lastly, your wrapped t-shirt is sealed in one of our rather clever envelopes ready for posting! We only have two sizes of boxes. Our main boxes have clever folds which can adapt to accommodate one to four t-shirts. By using these rigid envelopes your t-shirt arrives beautifully presented, but with minimal cardboard and glue. The boxes are also designed to be used inside out, so if you exchange your t-shirt we'll try and use your original box to minimize waste!

biodegradable postal boxes the white t-shirt co

 Our postcards and postal envelopes are made locally for us by environmental award-winning Potts Print

 So now you know how your t-shirt will arrive and we hope our love and attention to detail shows!


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