Turning Black Friday Green!

Turning Black Friday Green!

22nd November 2017 by Penny Jones
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Join us & Buy Me Once to turn Black Friday Green

This Black Friday, we're joining BuyMeOnce and Friends of the Earth to say no to rampant consumerism. This year, we pledge to donate 20% of our profit on the 24th November 2017 to charity. We’re helping to turn Black Friday green!

Black Friday represents an enforced love-in for churned out, disposable and discount products. Where’s the love? We believe that every purchase should be considered for long-term value. A home should be mindfully curated. It needn’t be filled with junk.

We’re not acting alone. Standing alongside us are other companies that stand for well made products that last. The Green Friday Friends. These are companies that work hard to promote mindful purchases of quality and sustainable products.

Each of these companies has pledged to give some or all of their Black Friday revenue to the cause. By keeping the doors open, we’re allowing customers to go about their shopping as they normally might. By forgoing any financial gain, we’re taking a step away from the feeding frenzy that Black Friday has become.

Why Friends of the Earth?

Friends of the Earth are an incredible international organisation that has been a voice for the environment since their establishment in 1971. With the help of loving volunteers and communities, Friends of the Earth seek to raise awareness about deep-seeded environmental issues, such as climate change, industrial pollution.

Recently, they have begun to cast their gaze on consumerism and how the pace of consumption has wrought havoc on our planet...take a peak at their project with Wool and The Gang. Landfills overflow with cheap, throwaway items, taking up covetable space and inflicting damage on our ecosystems. The #GreenFridayFriends campaign signals Friends of the Earth’s resolve to address the environmental concerns surrounding product consumption. 

What can you do?

You can help us spread the word, and petition your favourite companies to join arms with us in friendship.  You can also choose to opt out of the major bulk-obsessed Black Friday campaigns, and help force a change in the type of products demanded.

Join us on Social Media using #greenfridayfriends to help spread the word!


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