Well Made Clothes

Well Made Clothes

3rd June 2016 by Penny Jones
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It's always exciting when new things are happening, so say hello to Well Made Clothes!

Well Made Clothes is a new collaboration of stylists and journalists who have brought together a cool collection of 'well made' clothing. The twist is that it's not just about shopping. Well Made Clothes has a magazine approach with an eclectic mix of articles and interviews with industry insiders, the movers and boundary pushers who are making ethical and quality changes within the fashion industry.

Well Made Clothes is what’s known, in tech jargon, as a 'marketplace'. It unites global quality labels under one roof, so when you buy something from an ethical fashion label on Well Made Clothes, you’re actually buying directly from the maker. So armed with all the information you need about the fashion industry and information about the ethical fashion labels you have everything you need to go forth as an informed shopper. At the heart of Well Made Clothes is their Well Made Clothes Values. For an ethical fashion label to be stocked on the site it must meet the requirements for their values.



We're so proud to be part of Well Made Clothes. A perfect one-stop shop to help style your white t-shirt!


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