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16th August 2017 by Aaron
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White t-shirt stories are…

A series of candid conversations with creatives, uncovering their values and style.…multi talented! Singer, song writer, lifestyle blogger and our latest model!

Joy Mumford is...

Singer, Song Writer and founder of The Life Of Zola.

While we chatted about the inspiration behind Joy's words and music, Joy shows how a few key basics take the angst out of styling her wardrobe!

Q & A's:

RW: Life Of Zola talks about everything the modern woman wants to know; music, fashion, travel and current affairs. What made you want to start blogging?

JM: I started Life Of Zola during one of the most awkward stages of my life -towards the end of university. I wanted it to be somewhere that I could document my experiences of post-uni life honestly; the good, the bad and the inspiring. I’ve always loved food, travel and style, so as time went on, it also became a place where I started sharing my favourite food spots and travel destinations with others who like to explore as much as I do! It’s all about living soulfully, keeping inspired, and enjoying the simple things that make everyday life special.


RW: We know fashion is very important to you, how would you describe your personal style?

JM: In school, I went through a phase where I wore the strangest things I found in vintage stores. Loud patterned jumpers, bows in my hair and bright lipsticks. After uni I tamed my style a lot. It became more polished and I wore more classic pieces that could fit easily into a capsule wardrobe. Now, I feel like I have a mix of both of those styles - it’s nice to be able to switch it up depending on the occasion!


RW: Responsible fashion means something different to everyone, what does it mean to you?

JM: For me, it means being mindful and not taking what I wear for granted because it comes at a cost. In a world where almost everything is available instantly, it’s easy to forget that there’s a huge production process that goes on behind each piece of clothing you own. Where I grew up, there is a big charity shop/vintage shopping culture so I’ve always been a big believer in recycled fashion. A lot of my wardrobe is from these shops, and funnily enough, they are the pieces that people always want to know about. I also try to have a one in, one out policy with my wardrobe as I don’t like having clothes falling out of it!

RW: What one piece of fashion advice would you like to give to our customers?

JM: I’ve found that taking the time to figure out what suits my body shape changed my relationship with fashion. We're all built differently, and it’s easy to be frustrated when things don’t fit you straight off the hanger in the way it may fit someone else. I wish someone told me that if something doesn’t fit me in the way I wanted, I can actually alter the garment to suit me! It may mean getting out a needle and thread or a trip to a tailor, but it’s definitely worth it. I have also found having a few key basics makes life so easy, one t-shirt, lots of different looks!


RW: It’s clear music is a major part of your blog and life. We love your gorgeous voice! Who has been your biggest inspiration?

JM: Thank you so much! There are a wide range of genres and artists that have inspired me, it’s so hard to pick one! I must admit, growing up I was absolutely obsessed with sassy 90’s girl bands. Listening to groups like The Spice Girls and Destiny’s Child left me feeling like I could do and be whatever I wanted when I grew up. I’ve also always been inspired by interesting lyricists, so artists like Frank Ocean and Kimbra are big favourites of mine.

RW: Is there anyone on the music scene right now you think we should check out?

JM: I’m currently loving Sza’s album. She has a really interesting sound that tip toes between the boarders of R&B and alternative, which I really like. I also adore Maggie Rogers too. She produces her own music and it’s lyrically and melodically beautiful.

RW: Working for yourself, we know, can be fantastic... but tough! How do you stay motivated day-to-day?

JM: I realised early on that I always tend to feel less motivated when I’m stressed or in the wrong frame of mind, so practicing mindfulness is a big part of my daily routine. For me this could mean going for a walk during my lunch break, meditating, or intentionally making my favourite breakfast before a hectic work day. It’s a reminder that before my work, my well-being and mental health always comes first. Practically, I swear by setting goals and making daily, weekly and monthly to-do lists. It’s easier to work towards something when you can break it down into manageable tasks. I also have creative, freelance friends who I check in with every week. We talk about our goals, give each other advice and share ideas. Sometimes you need someone to be honest with you about what’s working, and what’s not!

RW: What are your plans for the future of Life Of Zola?

JM: Until this year, Life Of Zola has mainly featured my own experiences and opinions on fashion, culture and lifestyle. I recently started a series called ‘Who’s That Girl’ that shares the journeys of women pursuing their own creative careers. My dream for the blog is to incorporate the voices of more women and share their stories so that readers are inspired to dream big and run their own race. There may also be a podcast on the horizon, so watch this space!

Interview conducted by Robyn Whyn

You can enjoy more of Joys music on YouTube and read more lifestyle inspirations in Life Of Zola

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