White T-Shirt Stories

White T-Shirt Stories

10th November 2018
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White T-Shirt Stories are…

A series of candid conversations with creatives, uncovering their values and style.

Analisa Arris is...

Founder of Maddi Alexander. Maddi Alexander is a luxury home and spa collection with a conscience. Made in England, their products only use natural, eco-sustainable and ethically sourced ingredients. There is no compromise made in any part of their collection, from the chic packaging to the carefully sourced high-grade essential oils. 

We talked about why Analisa started Maddi Alexander, her brand values, and why sustainability and ethics are so important...and of course why Maddi Alexander is a perfect choice for Christmas!


MI: What makes Maddi Alexander more than just gorgeous fragrances?

AA: Sustainability and ethics are at the heart of what we do: particularly when it comes to our ingredients. Maddi Alexander uses responsibly sourced, natural ingredients not synthetic scents and chemical-laden formulas. It was important to me, when I started the business, that I wanted to offer natural products, that were not only good for my customers but good for the world. I chose cooperatives and more eco-friendly packaging, over cheaper products and questionable supply chains, because I wanted the brand to live and breathe my own ethical values.


MI: Does your ethical approach influence your wardrobe choices too?

AA: Having worked in both mainstream and ethical fashion, shopping responsibly is important to me. I love the stories behind the ethical brands. I wear everything in my wardrobe nothing is for ‘best’. I’m not into wear it once or twice and throw it away.


MI: How would you describe your style & we have to ask if a white t-shirt play a role?

AA: I wear everything in my wardrobe, I’m not into fast fashion. I have key pieces in my wardrobe that are revitalised with accessories. I have a few classic white t-shirts as they are a perfect key piece for office and day wear and even into an early evening dinner outfit.


MI: We love Maddi Alexander, could you tell us the story behind your brand?

AA: Our philosophy is ‘beauty with a conscience’, which is why all of our ingredients are natural and sustainable. We are passionate about fragrance and use only high grade pure essential oils to create our bespoke blends and signature fragrances.

So whether you want to enhance your mood or seek to transform it, indulge and escape with Maddi Alexander and allow natural beauty to nourish your mind, body and soul.

I started my career as a fashion buyer for the Merchant Retail Group (MRG), I left MRG in 2004 to start a family. In 2008 I took on a buyer’s role at ethicalsuperstore.com where I worked on several projects, one of which was ‘natural beauty and candles’ and this project changed everything. I have always felt passionately about natural products but was surprised that, whilst there are many luxury brands in the market place today, very few had natural ingredients. The project spurred me on to look into independently developing and sourcing natural, ethical beauty products and in February 2011, I took the leap and gave up my job to start my own business: Maddi Alexander.


MI: What brand values are most important to you and why?

AA: Natural beauty for you and your home:
It’s important to us that our products use only natural, responsibly sourced ingredients that are good for you and your body. And that even extends to our homeware, because the scents that you fill your home with are important too. Synthetic and chemical heavy fragrance diffusers can have harmful side effects and even trigger allergic symptoms and asthma.

Make time for you:
We built our brand around wellbeing, and it really is at the heart of everything we do. We believe in the rituals of self-care and how important it is for everyone to take a little ‘me time’ for themselves. That’s why we designed our signature scents around moods, so that we can help you transform or enhance your mood, whether it’s promoting relaxation and restless sleep, or helping you feel invigorated.

Everyday luxury:
We believe that every day deserves a little luxury. To us, everyday luxury means using exquisite products that bring you happiness. Each of our products uses high quality natural ingredients and has been developed by experts. And we put the same care and attention into our packaging, offering customers a luxe experience that makes them feel special without a scary price tag.


MI: What are your plans for the future of Maddi Alexander?

AA: We’d also like to further explore how we can do more to become even more eco-friendly in terms of our packaging and the products we offer. We’d love to eventually offer products that helped promote recycling and encourage customers to reuse bottles.

Please visit Maddi Alexander to view their full range of products and learn more about the brand.


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