Image: Our Story

Our Story

The White T-shirt Co is a story of two partners with a shared goal.

We wanted to make the perfect white t-shirt. A wardrobe classic made without compromise to quality or style. A white t-shirt made with sustainability in mind, because don't believe in throw away fashion.

In 2002 The White T-shirt Co travelled to Denmark and met Green Cotton, the first company in the world to go organic way back in the 80’s. With a shared goal we talked, designed, tested and refined and after endless fittings this is our shared journey so far.


Novotex Founded

Our Danish partner Novotex, the name behind the Green Cotton brand is founded by Leif Norgaard, an innovator in bringing sustainability and environmental awareness into the textile industry.


Green Cotton & first organic t-shirt launch

Novotex becomes the first in the world to produce a t-shirt from certified organic cotton. To celebrate, Katharine Hamnett is asked to design a print, resulting in the iconic ‘Green Cotton Now’ t-shirt.


A perfect white t-shirt

Our Founder Penny begins a quest to find the perfect white t-shirt. After failing to find one that was of high quality and ethically produced, she forms a partnership with Novotex to begin designing their own.


The White T-Shirt Company launches

We become one of the first premium ranges in the UK using organic cotton under the Green Cotton label, to offer garments monitored from germination to production for their environmental impact.


Front page of the Times

We make the headlines! In a front page article in The Times, Lisa Armstrong tells the world that The White T-Shirt Co make the ‘perfect white t-shirt’.


We lose our organic cotton supplier

Our organic yarn supplier closes. Unable to find the same quality, and unwilling to compromise, Penny reluctantly decides to hold trading until new cottons of equal quality can be found.


Relaunch of The White T-Shirt Co.

Demand continues and the partners come together again to develop a new luxury range. A global project that meets the Global Organic Textile Standards [GOTS] certifiction. The highest organic standard in the world.


Tailor Your Tee Service introduced

The White T-Shirt Co is determined to bring customers their perfect t-shirt. So for customers needing adjustments to body or sleeve length, a new bespoke Tailor Your Tee service is launched.


Uniforms & Retail

The durable quality of our organic cotton t-shirts means that they stand up beautifully to daily wear and tear. We start to take on projects with customers looking for an ethical, transparent approach to their corporate wear.